Turtledove Clemens Welcomes Bates Technical College as New Client

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The entire team of integrated marketing experts here at Turtledove Clemens is excited and pleased to welcome Bates Technical College  as a new client!

Located in Tacoma, Wash., Bates Technical College offers two-year Associate of Applied Science degrees, academic certificates and industry certifications in a wide variety of fields. The college serves 3,000 career training students and 10,000 community members annually on three campuses.

Turtledove Clemens won a tightly contested RFP, edging out the incumbent agency and others. We scored high grades in the selection process for our:
• Proven expertise and innovative strategies in digital media;
• Knowledge of working successfully with state and government agencies;
• Public accountability of marketing programs; and
• Ability to deliver super-segmented consumer targets (both geographically and demographically).

Welcome, Bates Technical College!